Methane Hydrates


Hi I’m John from University of Calgary, I would like to discuss about Methane Hydrates which is now becoming a hot topic in my place ;p


Yow I’m researching about it with my Professor in Siberia. Methane Hydrates have a good benefit but also scary disadvantages..


What kind of disadvantages?


Methane Hydrates is the killer of ancient life creatures and that time called Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)..that’s horrifying..


Yeah in my place, I found tons of Methane Hydrates deposits in a glacial environmental which start melting..Sometimes there is deposited below surface and make a different hydrogeologic characteriztic..


That’s make me feel scary..yeah global warming is now become the main cause of that background was not Hydrogeologist but i think that your topic is good John..

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