Discussion About Lapindo Mud Volcano

Lapindo Mud Volcano in Indonesia, Natural Disaster or Human Mistaken

Alva Kurniawan

Several months ago..International Geologist held a Conference.. .one of
the conference topic is about Lapindo Mud Eruption in Indonesia or
called LUSI, but I thought that the decision were taken by Geologists
were strange because they decided with voting instead of discussion
about LUSI. Based on voting LUSI were decided as a human mistaken or a
technical mistaken in drilling mechanism..

What do you think???

Kim Patrick Noyes

Human-caused is not the same as human fault.

It must be answered if the drillers could have/should have foreseen this happening based upon the information available to them.

If the could not have foreseen this happening then they are not to blame although they are the cause.

The truth is often more complex and nuanced than our human psyches are comfortable processing.


I don’t think that, without a close investigation in person, anyone can
really say. And even then because of the damage to the drill site even
that may not be conclusive.
But I assure you it’s certainly not mother nature’s fault in the least!

Dave Eddy

The referenced conference was a session held at the AAPG (American
Association of Petroleum Geologists) International Conference in Cape
Town, South Africa, last year. With all due respect to Alva
Kurniawan, presentations, discussions, and Q&A were conducted prior
to a vote being taken as to the attendees’ opinions. More
information can be found here:

http://www.aapg. org/explorer/ 2008/12dec/ mud.cfm



Works for me!  Thanks David!


I would love to know more about the geology that led up to this mud volcano.  What gets me is IF they had done any seismic work out there, they might have known something ain’t right BEFORE drilling.

Alva Kurniawan

Thanks so much for your information Mr. Dave, for now we have met a mud eruption again in Ngada Flores. An exploration well for Geothermal Electric Plant explode after a hard rain, till now that phenomenon is mysterious, may the hard rain trigger that event?


I think, and keep in mind this is my own perception from my experience (or lack of) in geology/mining/ drilling/ oil-gas production, it’s drilling practices.  This has shown itself well here in the states.  There are companies that can’t drill didly in a bar of butter if they tried real hard, and they are found quickly (especially by the press).  But there are companies here that can drill better, as they have a much higher standard of rules to follow.  I am unsure of the standards in other countries.  I know that if the mud volcano in Indonesia happened here, heads would still be rolling to this day.

Alva Kurniawan

Actually, the safety standard of Driller Companies in Indonesia is good but the field work sometimes different with the right procedures. That happens because of the Indonesian prinicple to save as money as can in doing something without considering the effects. You right the main factors will be back to our standard procedure. By your experience in drilling, I would to know that the deposit of Mud which consist of water, methane, fumarole, also CO2 in high pressure state is always found in Geothermal site or ancient river channel?


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