Water Balance Software – HW’S WAT-B

HW’S WAT-B is software for Water Balance calculation from rainfall and evapotranspiration data. HW’s WAT-B is easy to be used and also it could be used and compatible in all versions of Windows (including Windows Vista and Windows 7).  Unfortunately this software only has image file as an output (printscreen image) and this software couldn’t be used as database software. Overall, this software is very useful for compiling Water Balance report.

This software is free, click this link below to download it

Download HW’S WAT-B


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6 responses to “Water Balance Software – HW’S WAT-B

  1. El software water balance HW´S WAT- B, podría traducirlo al español, si ustedes me remiten todas las parates que re

  2. Dear friends, the water balance software WAT’S HW-B, which is provided free, on the following link: https://alvathea.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/water-balance-software- hws-wat-b / is in English, to convert it to Spanish I volunteer to help them translate it into Spanish, for which we could do it this way leaves you send me the screens are in English and I translate the Spanish, without any conditions. Only at the end you place it in a free but in Spanish.Waiting your reply I subscribe to you as a server.
    Julio Jesús Salazar

  3. Alva

    Wow..great works..:)..Let me see your works..just send it to my email address on alva_the_a@yahoo.co.id..

    Thanks for your appreciation to my first version software..I’ll make the latest version soon with great improvement absolutely.. 🙂

  4. leone

    hi, i am new at geology edu.I have an home work about hydrogeoloy.how an ı calculate Etp,etc potansial evoparation,penman and thornwaite etc etc pls help me

  5. where i can get the Water Balance Software – HW’S WAT-B ?
    I have download ,but i get just pdf document, there is have no softwere in rar.

    Please send me link where i can download it.
    Thanks ..

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