IP Survey for Gold Mineral Prospecting


Result of IP Data Interpretation for Gold Prospecting

Induced polarization is the one of the geosounding method that widely used by geologist to estimate the mineral deposits. Induced polarization basic concepts is measuring the frequency effect or FE from injected electricity with different frequency. Frequency effect is the difference between first measured resistivity value and the second measured resistivity value. Electrode configuration that used in this survey was double dipole array. Processing the data from IP survey used Res2DInv software and for identifying the gold potential part of the pseudosection, flash MX software was used.

Gold mineralization in the survey area is associated with high frequency effect value zone that estimated as the zone of argilic alteration. Gold generally deposited near intrusion zone in veins form. From interpreting the fracture zone overlaid with intrusion zone and zone of high frequency effect, the area which has high potential of gold deposit can be estimated. Based on picture above, the area where gold may be present lay in the middle or upper part of diorite intrusion zone.




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2 responses to “IP Survey for Gold Mineral Prospecting

  1. H aryo (081802223322)

    mohon informasi lebih detail..


  2. Alva

    Mas Aryo,

    Informasi yang lebih detail di bagian mana??anda dapat membuka tab discussion page dan informasi tentang metode eksplorasi emas dengan IP dapat anda peroleh disana..

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