Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Identifying Anticline Structure

Gunungsari Anticline Structure

Gunungsari Anticline Structure from Resistivity Data Interpretation

Anticline structure can be identified by using Electrical Resistivity Tomography survey or can be called ERT survey. Electrical Resistivity Tomography was conducted in the peak of Gunungsari hill, near Muntilan town in the north of Yogyakarta City. Electrode configuration which was used in the survey was Wenner-Schlumberger, a hybrid electrode configuration between Wenner electrode configuration and Schlumberger electrode configuration. Processing the extracted data from the survey was done by using X2IPI for apparent resistivity data and Res2DInv for inverse the apparent resistivity data to be true resistivity data. Picture above show the interpretation result of true resistivity data distribution. Based on the picture, the anticline bedding clearly can be seen and we can also measure the dip angle of the rock layer from that picture too.

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