English Version of IP2 Win Tutorial Now Available

IP2 Win is good software to analyze Induced Polarization (IP) data. Unfortunately using IP 2 Win is not as easy as we think. Little amounts of time are needed for knowing how to use IP2 Win effectively and correctly. Using this IP2 Win Tutorial will help you so much in knowing the basic principles of data input and analyzing in IP2 Win Software.

English version of IP2 Win tutorial now can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Download IP 2 Win Tutorial (English Version)


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7 responses to “English Version of IP2 Win Tutorial Now Available

  1. Hello
    this kassem natouf from syria
    I am very happy to find your site on the WEB
    I am looking for farther

  2. You’re welcome Mr. Kaseem..just call me via my email if you need further help..

    Thanks for visiting my site..:)

  3. Jackson P

    Thanks for being so generous!!

    Your post is so useful!!

  4. Bekti

    Thank you mate,
    If I have data of soil resistivity on ohm meter, can I estimate the litologiy / laminations of various ground soil and what of the parameters.
    This is trial version software, can you give me the full software or patch? Where I must be download? in rapidshare?

  5. You can estimate the litology of various ground soil by using only true resistivity data. There are three kinds of resistivity in electrical imaging (tomography) such as equipment resistivity (R), apparent resistivity (rho_a), and true resistivity (rho). If you just have rho_a data you need to convert it first to rho data by using inversion software to solve rho_a to rho inverse problem.

    Before interpreting rho data you need to know about geologic condition, water table, climate, material resistivity characteristic, and organic matter contents. Geologic condition important in determining what kind of mineral that formed soil formation. Water table elevation is important to know because water can make a drastic change in soil resistivity especially when the surface soil is rich in acidic ion from organic matter decomposition. Material resistivity is used for converting resistivity data to lithology so resistivity data need to be correlated with nearest borehole.

    I’m so sorry actually Geophysical Department of Moskva State University just share the shareware version, so I don’t have the full version because it’s so expensive. I think that for just on educational purpose, the shareware version is enough.

  6. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  7. henri

    where and how can I buy this software?


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