3D Stratigraphic Modeling of Geologic Map

Three dimensions stratigraphic model can be created from geologic stratigraphic data of geologic map. Geological structure identification is easier to analyze within three dimensions stratigraphic model. The research took place in Gunung Gendol region within the scope of easting from 419266 to 423316 mE and northing from 9156136 to 9160772 mN.

There are some steps in creating three dimension of stratigraphic model. The first step is area of interest delineation, the second is geological map interpretation, and the third is geologic survey. The data that were extracted from all previous activities then inputted into geologic modeling software. The inputted data were interpolated to create 3D model by using a surface interpolation algorithm.

The created model showed a waving rock layer structure in Gunung Gendol. From that characteristic it can be said that Gunung Gendol is an anticline although available geological map not described about it. The geologic structure recognition is important or even helpful in describing geologic condition on a region. When there is no information available but a rock formation anomaly occurred, may be the 3D model answer questions about the anomaly.

Download Full Paper

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