3D Aquifer Modeling by Using IP Data in Tegal

Induced Polarization (IP) is a useful geoelectrical method that used for estimating aquifer condition. There are three kinds of IP data interpolation methods which 2D method is in common use. 3D Method has some advantages but it rather complicated than the 2D one. The better result of 3D method is 3D give information about regional aquifer distribution. Sounding was done in Tegal by six sounding points such as Bulakban, Badur, Kraton, Surodadi, Banjaran and Debong.

Electrode configuration of IP’s sounding used Schlumberger configuration. The steps of this works were sounding data collection, sounding data calculation, sounding data input, sounding data interpretation, and sounding data modeling. From the model created, there are sections in sounding point area with the shallow-fresh water table, deep-salt water table, and area with no water table presence.

Download the full paper

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